The American Revolution: Patriots vs RedCoats

THIS WEEK so far, we have discussed the causes of the American Revolution with an emphasis on the cause and effect relationship of the events of the 1760s and 1770s.  We have analyzed the revolutionay rhetoric from both sides and saw the escalation of colonial protests towards violence; and ultimately the start of organized war.

NOW we will turn our attention to the war itself.  Students are reminded that their research reports on Revolutionary War battles is due on WEDNESDAY.  We will review the chronology of the war for the rest of the week with an emphasis on trying to identify the turning points of the war and the reasons that the Patriots will ultimately "win" their independence.

ALL STUDENTS are reminded of AM study hall and are encouraged to start now to apply the study strategies that Coach Barbe has been suggesting thruout the week.  In particular, students should be practicing "brainstorming" as a way to test their knowledge and to guarantee the completeness of their answers and essays